The Sustainable Fuel Register

The Sustainable Fuel Register is an industry led register of non – wood based fuels and provides participants with a simple way of meeting sustainability criteria.

The Scheme

Fuels authorised on the Sustainable Fuel Register demonstrate compliance with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) sustainability requirements. From field to boiler, all steps in the supply chain are traceable, providing complete peace of mind that the fuel has accounted for all of the greenhouse gas emissions associated to it.

SFR provides additional routes to market for non-wood fuels and reduces the amount of biomass either being exported for a low price or discarded.

The scheme is a register of fuels, and not a register of individuals or organisations; however we recognise that there are three main participants to the scheme:


You will have responsibility for growing the raw materials, sourcing raw materials and in some cases the initial processing into a fuel. You will be expected to pass on materials of fuels to other traders or end users. You may also use your fuel in any RHI accredited system you are the authorised signatory for.


You will purchase fuels or materials from producers for sale on to others. You may also add further processing to get the materials/fuel into a format you intend to trade. You may also use fuel in RHI accredited installations that you are authorised signatory for.

End User

You purchase fuel from either producers or traders. You do not add any further processing or transport to the fuel. You have an SFR account to accept fuel that you use in any RHI accredited installations that you are authorised signatory for.

Our Process