RHI will stay unchanged for another year

Installers hoping to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for their new biomass, or other qualifying installations, will be comforted by a new announcement made by DECC on the medium term future of RHI. DECC have stated:

“OFGEM will continue to run the RHI, under the current rules, during the budget year 2106/17 while we consider reform of the scheme”.

This gives certainty for projects which are planning to complete after April 2016. DECC are also launching a series of consultations about changes to the RHI. The first of which was published this week concerning heat pumps and the treatment of waste process heat and can be found here. We advise that anyone with an interest in the RHI should take the time to read and respond to the consultations. You can do this directly or, if you prefer, send your thoughts to us in good time and I will include these in any FEC response.

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