The latest degression announcement from DECC

DECC have just announced the tariffs that will apply to the Non Domestic RHI scheme from 01st April 2016.

As we expected, small biomass has decreased again by 5%. In addition tariffs for all biomethane injection and all biogas have decreased by 10%; expect further degressions for this technology in the future, as the figures show that take-up has far exceeded the budget allowance.

Medium size biomass and all other technologies have not had any change to their tariffs.

RHI will stay unchanged for another year

Installers hoping to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for their new biomass, or other qualifying installations, will be comforted by a new announcement made by DECC on the medium term future of RHI. DECC have stated:

“OFGEM will continue to run the RHI, under the current rules, during the budget year 2106/17 while we consider reform of the scheme”.

Easy RHI compliance for non-wood fuels

Up to now, meeting the RHI sustainability requirements if you didn’t burn wood was difficult. However, after more than a year of discussion and proposals to DECC, we have secured their agreement to proceed with an alternative to the Biomass Suppliers List called the Sustainability Fuel Register (SFR). The SFR will ease the self-reporting burden, once we have approval from the Secretary of State.

We hope to have official approval by mid-Summer. Until then, you will be able to register your details and interest in SFR on the website, which will be live very soon.