Your fuel supplier needs to be SFR registered

If you are using non-wood fuel in an RHI accredited biomass system, your supplier needs to be registered with SFR to make sure that you are meeting the sustainability criteria.

How it works?

You will have to set up your own SFR account and your supplier will allocate a fuel lot to you.  You will get an email and a message on your SFR dashboard. You simply need to accept this fuel and you will get a unique SFR number, which you need to submit to Ofgem as part of your periodic returns.

Accurate figures will be required in the future

The SFR approach to sustainability reporting is to be as accurate and transparent as possible. This is really important from the biomass industry standpoint as we try and win friends with environmental groups and the general public. Our view is that to fully comply with the sustainability criteria and, therefore, meet your ongoing RHI obligations, your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) figure needs to be as accurate as possible.

Parliamentary process delayed for RHI reforms

The Renewable Energy Association has just announced that the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive regulatory reforms have been withdrawn from parliament due to technical issues.

The reforms are expected to be re-laid before parliament as soon as possible, after the Easter recess. Parliamentary process is still anticipated to take 6-8 weeks from when the reforms are re-laid.