RHI Reforms - emergency legislation

We have received an update on the reforms from Renewable Energy Association in light of the general election announcement.

BEIS aims to lay emergency legislation before parliament to extend degression trigger lines and update Microgeneration Certification Scheme standards on heat pumps. They want to do this prior to parliament being dissolved on 3rd May so that it can take effect before the next degression announcement at the end of May.

Your fuel supplier needs to be SFR registered

If you are using non-wood fuel in an RHI accredited biomass system, your supplier needs to be registered with SFR to make sure that you are meeting the sustainability criteria.

How it works?

You will have to set up your own SFR account and your supplier will allocate a fuel lot to you.  You will get an email and a message on your SFR dashboard. You simply need to accept this fuel and you will get a unique SFR number, which you need to submit to Ofgem as part of your periodic returns.