Using Our SFR Mark

The Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR) gives suppliers (Producers, Producer-Traders and Traders) the opportunity to promote their authorised fuel and illustrate that it can be used by consumers who are participating on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Suppliers of non woody biomass who wish to register their fuel(s) on SFR will be required to submit an application via this website.  Once biomass fuel suppliers are successfully registered they will have the opportunity to use the SFR Authorised Mark to visibly show and declare their fuel meets the sustainability criteria.

Those who produce their own fuel for RHI purposes (Self-suppliers) can apply to register their fuel on the SFR, but will not be provided with the SFR Authorised Mark as their products will not be available for use beyond their own RHI accredited systems. 

As a general rule there are only a limited number of circumstances when the SFR Authorised Mark or Brand should be used by suppliers, third party organisations and the media. 

Download the full guidance on acceptable use of the SFR Authorised Mark: