State Approval for SFR

FEC Energy and Crops for Energy have been granted Secretary of State Approval to operate the SFR as an authorised list of approved fuels. It is almost two years since we started working on the SFR, which shows just how difficult, time-consuming and involved a process it has been. So, all the more reason to celebrate the fact!

What does this mean? I hear you ask...

Well, we:

  1. Are allowed to take applications from people who wish to burn fuel in RHI accredited boilers and approve their sustainability criteria, such that their data returns to Ofgem are significantly simpler and more streamlined.
  2. Can take applications from fuel suppliers of miscanthus, straw and other types, so that they can trade fuel as easily as suppliers on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

We can do this in the sure knowledge that the system is allowed to operate and that numbers we issue will be accepted by Ofgem.

We need to ensure that we operate the scheme within the rules set out in the RHI regulations. This means that we will require an application to be made to the system and information provided for your fuels to be assessed against. Also, we have strict guidelines that we must adhere to in our review process and the SFR will be required to be audited annually.

There is a slight catch, however, in that there will be small scheme fees to pay, since we received no funding for the set-up of the system. We believe these fees to be appropriate and fair and ensure we can continue to operate.

Over the coming weeks, we will roll out our application system to users. If you have previously registered interest then you will receive an email from us soon. Jon Swain and Kevin Lindegaard will also be speaking at the Wood heat Association conference on the 28th November. There will be a webinar on how the system works and how to complete an application after Christmas.


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